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Need to learn how to drive with a trailer?

What our trailer training can do for you

If you're looking for trailer training courses in Fareham, you've come to the right place. Denvilles Driving School & Trailer Training (B + E) can provide you will all the driving lessons and knowledge you need to pass your test.


If you want to tow trailers, then you'll need to pass a one hour test that I can prepare you completely for. Whether you want to tow a mobile home for a holiday, or you have staff on a farm or for another business, I can help train them completely to legal standards.


My trailer training will provide you with a trailer and a towing vehicle.

Learning to pass the trailer B+E test yourself can be a difficult one to get through because of the specialist requirements demanded by the test. I'll cover from start to finish what you need to do to pass and we'll help you in all aspects to improve your skillset as well as your confidence.


Whatever your ability, my tailored lessons will cater for your needs to ensure that you're comfortable towing a trailer independently and safely. For more information on or to book an appointment, get in touch with us today.

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Experienced trailer training courses in Fareham