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The benefits of a Pass Plus certificate

What a Pass Plus course can do for you

The Pass Plus test is designed for when you've passed your test and want to go that extra mile to become a safer driver. You'll gain more advanced skills that you don't learn in your basic lessons for your standard driving test.


The benefits of completing a Pass Plus course are both advantageous to your skillset and your wallet as you'll be a more attractive driver to insurance companies.


With this extra course, you'll learn to cover different types of driving to help boost your confidence and give your family the peace of mind that you have more experience.

On the course itself, you will learn extra driving techniques that you wouldn't otherwise learn without going onto the road yourself. If you weren't a very confident driver to begin with, this can do wonders for you.


You'll learn to drive at night and on motorways for long distances, for example, and many other driving skills that weren't previously covered. With a Pass Plus certificate, insurance companies may also reduce their prices for you.

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Go that extra mile and complete your Pass Plus